Treadmill Running Mistakes to Avoid

Sticking with one routine

Whilst it is convenient to do same work out every single day, but this practice over a time will burn fewer calories as our bodies adapt to it and the muscles become more efficient. In an ideal scenario, changing 1-2 aspects of the workout is very beneficial. Change the treadmill settings, try newer setup or even easier, take a walk outside as experts often mention that some ad hoc changes to a regular routine help prevent strains on muscles and joints from repetitive pull and push of the muscles.

Holding the bars

It’s a fact that working on inclines allows for more calorie burns than walking on level ground. Also walking by holding the handles/bars on the treadmill sides means taking support for your own body weight and ultimately losing only a few calories that you intended to.

Don’t switch on the auto-pilot mode

Constantly doing the same workout over and over, the body adapts as mentioned in point #3 above, and you reach a plateau. There are many elements of workout, but following 3 go side-by-side: intensity, duration, and frequency. Again, change only 1 of this variable at any given time (week). Suppose, your target is longer run (duration) then don’t go for the intensity at the same time. It will be ideal if you increase the intensity once duration is set and frequent too.

Don’t overdo it!

Do not over train yourself because even Rome was not built in 1 day, a week or even a month! Give your body a chance to adapt to slow and gradual increase of the workouts. If the muscles ae starting to feel sore, with higher heart beat rates, and pains that get worse after each workout is a sign of straining your body to do something it is not used to. If these happens, re-evaluate your exercise program and take some time out till you recuperate.