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Walking Is Best for you

Prevents Dementia

Aged people who walk six miles or more per week are more easily to obviate the brain shrinkage and conserve a memory. According to studies, walking is good for boosting a memory. Oldies, who love music can take an iPod with them for an enjoyable walk.

Boost Immunity

A daily moderate speed walk of 30 to 45 minutes’ can also increase the immune system cells, over a period of time. The study shows that walking at least 20 minutes a day could reduce the risk of getting sicker by almost 43%.

Prevent cancer

The Study found that women who walk up to 7 hours a week cuts down the risk of breast cancer itself by 14%. According to Harvard University Women’s Health Study, a lady who walk for 1 to 3 hours a week reduces the risk of death from breast and uterine cancer by almost 19%. So if you provide a more time for a walk like 3 to 5 hours per week then you can reduce the risk of breast and uterine cancer to almost 54%. Hence, explore a new path for walking with your partner or your friend in the neighborhood.

Control Diabetes

A Brisk walk is a great way to control diabetes. A 30- to 40-minute moderate walk can help lower blood sugar for 24 hours. Keep your spine straight and your chin up while you walk. Comfortable clothes & a good pair of walking shoes can lead you a successful result.

Helps to Reduce the Weight

With the moderate walking speed (2mph) can easily burn 75 to 90 calories in just 30 mins. If you increase your speed you can burn more calories in a short time. For fun, you can walk with a friend, neighbor, or a pet. If you like to exercise alone then you can buy a manual curved treadmill for home or you can place it at the office also. Researchers found that walking could cut the effects of obesity-promoting genes by half.